Unattended Regeneration Station (URS)

Unattended Regeneration Station (URS)

For operation of a trunk line it is necessary to regenerate periodically optical signals, using special equipment, placed in a facility generally called unattended regeneration station (URS).

Atracom Ltd. carries out all design and construction works, necessary for setting up unattended regeneration stations (URSs), including getting approvals for the project documentation from all required authorities. All projects are subjected to expert examination by the authorities. For the construction of URS the Atracom Company subcontracts specialised construction companies.

Description and dimensions of the URS types (see pictures and descriptions)

Sale of optical fibres in the existing FOCLs is one of the main business activities of the Company.
Dark optical fibres are optical fibres that are placed in the cable and ready for use, but are not being used at present. The purchase of dark fibres is a rather flexible and convenient form for creating a communication channel, without any problems with its construction and relevant procedures.

The locations of URSs depends on the regeneration distance (80-100 km) and Customer’s requirements. Generally, URSs are placed in full-metal containers with the area of up to 12 sq. m. in secure locations or in already existing buildings (city telephone exchanges, radio and TV transmission centres etc.)
After the completion of the construction, the property rights for the URS may be transferred to the buyer of optical fibres, or he may lease necessary space from Atracom Ltd.

After the completion of the design, construction and assembly works, working group certifies the readiness of the URS for commission, and authorities certify the container for use as a URS.
On agreements with URS buyers Atracom Ltd. provides after-sale support of the URSs. New owners of containers may be provided with consultative support on legal issues regarding the use of the land plot or electricity supplies.