Operating and maintaining FOCLs and URSs

Operating and maintaining FOCLs and URSs

Atracom Ltd. operates, maintains and conducts emergency repairs on its own fibre optical communication lines (FOCLs) and FOCLs, owned by Customers, in accordance with the standard KND 45-112-99 (Regulations on the Technical Operation of the Line Facilities of the Primary Network). For this work the Atracom Company also subcontracts specialized companies, providing such services in respective areas.

The technical operation and maintenance works include:

  • Independent certification of FOCLs and URSs during the acceptance commissioning by the operation and maintenance services;
  • Using software products for an inventory of cable systems and URSs;
  • Carrying out maintenance work to obtain information about the state of the FOCL and to keep it in working condition according to technical standards;
  • Planning and registration events and works on the network in a unified informational system and establishing analytical centres;
  • Ensuring 24/7 access to the information system;
  • Using automatic FOCL monitoring systems and active data from Customer’s equipment for quicker emergency repairs;
  • Monitoring parameters of cable lines;
  • Monitoring the status of URSs, sending out an emergency team immediately, if necessary;
  • Carrying out works to keep cables safe from mechanical damage, restoration of cable insulation;
  • Measuring line parameters;
  • Marking cable lines with warning signs, posts and other marks;
  • Monitoring cable depth and placing;
  • Taking measures in cooperation with companies that use earth-moving equipment and landowners to ensure the safety of line facilities;
  • Taking measures in cooperation with law-enforcement agencies to prevent criminal actions against cables and URSs;
  • Repairing line facilities;
  • Providing technical supervision of construction, reconstruction, re-equipment and major repairs of line facilities;
  • Carrying out emergency repairs.

Our Customers can call for support our Monitoring and Analysis Centre, which works 24/7, to obtain necessary information at any time, using multichannel phones:

+380 44 594 68 66
+380 67 462 54 24

The monitoring service tasks include:

  • Receiving information about damage or failure of FOCLs and their components
  • Preliminary evaluation of the situation
  • Arranging emergency repairs
  • Operative management of emergency repair teams
  • Monitoring repair works
  • Coordinating the activities of Company’s departments and other organisations taking part in emergency repairs
  • Informing the Customers on the current state of the emergency repairs of FOCLs