Construction and sale of FOCLs

Construction and sale of FOCLs

Atracom Ltd. has accumulated 16 years of experience in organizing the construction of Fiber-optic communication lines (FOCL). To date, the company’s assets include more than 24,000 km of fiber-optic lines constructed and several thousand more are under construction.

Atracom Ltd. provides a  full set of construction services, constructing FOCLs on turnkey basis  in accordance with the standard
KND 45-141-99.

These services include:

  • designing FOCLs
  • getting approval for the project from the authorities
  • approving the route for the FOCL with landowners and signing relevant deeds of servitude
  • constructing URSs
  • conducting necessary measurements and acceptance testing
  • providing technical supervision of the construction of FOCLs
  • transfer of FOCLs or optical fibres to Customer
  • acceptance commissioning of FOCLs by the authorities
  • coupling optical cables to distribution frames and fibre optical connectors
  • acceptance commissioning of FOCLs by working group
  • conducting preparation, earth and construction work for laying plastic piping, optical cable and making line crossings over various obstacles and transport and communication lines

During the  construction of fibre optical communication lines the Atracom Company  makes crossings over water obstacles, lays lines on existing bridges and  using existing cable infrastructure in cities.

Atracom Ltd. conducts technical supervision of laying,  assembling and testing of fibre optical cables, carried out by  subcontracting construction companies.
The transfer of the  constructed FOCL to the Customer includes the following:

  • handing over  to the Customer relevant working and technical documentation
  • handing over to the Customer legal documentation for  the FOCL

The cost of constructing a  FOCL on Customer’s request depends significantly on its geographic  location, the duration of construction, presence of various obstacles  along the route and FOCL specifications. For more information, please  contact Company’s  personnel.